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Lubrication Seminars

Petroleum Analytical Laboratories provides a special service to their established customers. We can visit your site and give a seminar on lubrication analysis to your employees. With this free service, your employees will learn how to oil more efficiently and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear to your equipment.


Classes of Lubrication
Purposes of Lubrication
Properties of Oil - ASTM/ASLE Chart
Properties of Greases
Grease Compatibility Chart
Lubrication Selection
How Lubricants Work
Oil Bases
Types of Oil Lubricants
Lubricant Storage
Grease Consistency Ratings
Commonly Used Soaps
What Causes Bearing Failures
Heat - Bearings' Worst Enemy
Treatment of Hot Bearings
Oil Analysis - Why, When, How?
How Do I Interpret Data
Question Period

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