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How to take a Representative Sample

To obtain the best possible data for interpretation of results, please follow these steps to collect a representative sample:

  • Use a clean, dry sample bottle
  • Thoroughly warm up the compartment. Oil should be "hot" and thoroughly circulated through the system.
  • Collect a representative sample by following these prodecures:

    Suction Gun Method:

    Using a suction gun, draw a sample through the dipstick tube. Use a new piece of tubing for each sample. Culture tubing no longer than the length of the dipstick. Take the sample from the mid-point of the reservoir, not from the bottom. Use this method at half-drain intervals without changing the oil.

    Drain Method:

    Clean around the drain plug to remove any dirt. Remove the drain plug and take a sample after about half the oil has drained out, DO NOT take a sample from the drain bucket or from the filters.

  • Leave some air space between the top of the sample bottle and the cap. Sample bottle should be at least 3/4 full. Screw the cap on tightly, but do not over tighten.
  • A completed "Equipment Master" form must accompany all first time samples. Subsequent samples from the same unit and compartment must show the following information on the label: Company Name,Unit ID-Number, Make-Up Oil Added, Compartment Type, Date Sample was taken, Miles or Hours on the Oil, and Miles or Hours on the Unit. PLEASE NOTE: Unit ID Numbers must be consistent from one sample to the next, to ensure that data from previous test will be linked to the most current data. Please write the Unit ID Number exactly as it appears on the last report you received.
  • Send the sample to the lab promptly. Holding samples can allow a minor problem to turn into a major overhaul.